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Copy-editing/Language editing

1. This service includes everything covered in a Standard Proofread, plus the following:

  • Ensuring consistency in the wording

  • Rewriting where needed for clarity, coherence and conciseness

  • Application of a ‘house style’ (for example using a journal's style guide)

  • Creating chapter and section headings and a table of contents if needed

  • Checking the tone so it’s right for your intended readership

  • Checking the structure for order and logic

2. If you have paid for a copy-edit or language edit, but want me to:

  • Correct sections that I originally highlighted for re-writing, where you have not tracked or otherwise made your re-writes visible

  • Correct sections that I did not initially highlight for re-writing

  • Correct sections that I have already re-reviewed once

  • Correct new sections that you have added

Please note that this work will be chargeable at my hourly rate for re-reviews (rate code 6).

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